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 Woman sorting clothing on her couch, paying special attention to a tie-dye hat.

Spring Clean Like a Machine: How to Declutter Your Apartment


Even though Floridians don’t exactly have seasons in the traditional sense, the arrival of March and the spring season represents a time for rebirth and new beginnings. With those themes in mind, now is the time to get cleaned up and organized ahead of another busy year. With these handy tips, you’ll be ready to take on another year. 

Hanging Tough

If you think you could stand to lose a few hanging garments but aren’t exactly sure where to begin, give this technique a try. Simply flip every hanger around so it’s turned the opposite of how it would usually be. Now, when you remove an item to wear it, flip the hanger back the correct way. This isn’t the quickest solution, but in a predetermined amount of time – anywhere from one to six months – you will be faced with the truth about which clothes you actually wear and which can go by the wayside. Whatever’s still flipped around can go. What you do with those unlucky few is up to you, but donating old clothing to the needy is never a bad idea.

Give It Away Now

Are your closets overflowing with stuff? Sometimes you just need to say goodbye. If you’re the generous type, consider setting aside a few days – or a week, depending on how much extra stuff you have – to bestow your unused treasures on some lucky friends. Make a promise to yourself that you will give away one item per day – and stick to it. One thing to be aware of is that this plan works only with somewhat desirable items. Nobody will be pleased to receive your old twist-tie collection. Again, donations are never a bad idea, but again, keep it to desirable items.

Keep On Truckin’

Staying on top of filing away important papers and going through mail can be a monumental challenge. But what if instead of hiding away in your dark basement office you could get your work done in front of the TV, while soaking up the sun on your deck, or even in bed? Well, build yourself a little mobile office and you can do just that. Picture it now – a gleaming black and chrome utility cart layered with file boxes, in and out mail slots, and a paper shredder and trash can. Now who’s the boss? That’s right. You’re the boss.

Keep It Like a Secret

One of the easiest ways to stop clutter in its tracks is to check it at the door. This can mean a hanging or standing coat rack with some kind of shelving system, or it can mean some type of hutch. Whatever it is, it should have space for a dish or box to hold your keys, change, and anything else that comes out of your pockets when you come home. There should also be a place to put your mail if you don’t have another place for it, and a mail outbox would do OK here, too. Basically, you want to create one spot that is a catch-all for all things that enter your home. Then, once a week, you can focus a few minutes on going through it and deciding what goes where and what gets recycled. 

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