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How to Set and Stick to Your 2020 New Year's Resolutions


Another year is coming to a close. You know what that means? It’s New Year’s resolution season! But keeping your resolutions can be a challenge. Never fear. Delray Station is here to help you successfully resolve your 2020 resolutions with these helpful tips.

Set Specific Goals

Don’t mess around with general resolutions. Set goals that are specific and easily measurable. What does that mean, exactly? Well, don’t just say, “I want to exercise more in 2020.” Instead, set your sights on, say, working out at least three times a week or running 20 miles a week. Instead of declaring generally that you want to eat less sugar in 2020, vow to hold yourself to less than 25 grams a day. It’s way easier to hold yourself accountable when you have something specific to shoot for.

Don’t Shoot for the Moon

Make sure your resolutions are attainable and realistic. Want to read more books in 2020? While it’s a great idea to establish a set number of books you resolve to read every month, don’t go overboard. Keep in mind life’s other obligations and hobbies and choose a number that’s realistic. Further, if you do set your sights too high, intimidation might set in and keep you from taking action in the first place. And that’s no good.

Create a Vision Board

Make your New Year’s resolutions an art project! Vision boards are a highly motivational tool that help you picture your 2020 dreams. All you need is a board of some sort and your imagination. Corkboard, poster board, foam board, chalkboard – it’s all in play! From there, it’s all about finding imagery that represents your resolutions. Photographs, clipped-out magazine photos, your own drawings or paintings, plain-old written phrases – it all works.

Maybe you want to run a marathon? You could print out some photographs of the marathon you want to run and tape them to your poster board. Or you could find an old pair of shoelaces and pin them to your chalkboard. If you can dream it, do it! Place your board in a highly trafficked spot in your apartment or office to help keep you accountable. Need some inspo? This Pinterest search is loaded with creative examples.

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