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5 Interactive Dog Toys to Keep Your Pup Busy


Delray Station is the perfect place for you and your pup. Not only is our community pet friendly, but it’s right across the street from Lake Ida Dog Park, the largest pet park in Palm Beach County. But you can’t be with your best friend 24/7. Delray Station residents lead a busy life. Between work, active social calendars, and all the fun things to do close to home in Delray Beach, Florida, it’s inevitable that your pup will spend a little time on her own. And then there’s the sweltering summer heat. Sometimes, the fun must be had indoors. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite indoor diversions for your canine companions:

1) IQ Treat Ball

Every challenging puzzle deserves a worthwhile reward, and that’s what OurPets IQ Treat Ball delivers. Just stuff the ball with your pup’s favorite toys and put them to work. As they paw at the ball and roll it around to just the right angles, the treats come tumbling out. And, as your dog grows wise to the IQ Treat Ball’s ways, you can adjust the difficulty level. What’s not to love?

2) Hide-A-Squirrel

What dog isn’t enamored with squirrels? Enter Hide-a-Squirrel. This fun, highly interactive puzzle toy from Outward Hound is a plush tree trunk laced with chambers where you can stash the squeaking squirrel stuffed animals. She’ll have a blast trying to yank them all out. Outward Hound also offers bee, bird, hedgehog, and rainbow options in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

3) Babble Ball

What do dogs love almost as much as chasing squirrels? Balls! Featuring more than 20 sounds triggered by your pup’s touch, the Babble Ball is no run-of-the-mill tennis ball. With sayings like “sweet pup” and “rock ‘n’ roll big doggy,” it’ll keep your dog engaged and entertained while prompting five-star head tilts. Oh, and you can rest easy knowing it’s made of durable, nontoxic plastic.

4) Trixie Flip Board

Is your dog a Mensa candidate? If so, put her intellect to the test with the Trixie Flip Board. It offers a variety of challenges in one package. Your pup can flip lids using knobs, slide disks from side to side, and lift cones for the ultimate reward: treats! Check out this pup’s mad Trixie skills.


Who said streaming is just for humans? Get your pup a subscription to DOGTV and keep them entertained all day long. Programming is rich with sights and sounds geared to stimulate your dog’s mind and curb stress and anxiety. You can stream DOGTV on any number of devices, or go the old-fashioned route and subscribe via cable or satellite.

Looking for more life hacks? Need ideas for fun things to do in and around our Delray Beach, Florida, community? Check out the Delray Station blog.

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