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3 of The Best Studios to Get Your Yoga On


When you want to relax, breathe deeply, and find your zen, check out a few of our favorite yoga studios in Delray Beach. These are few prime places to balance your physical and emotional health. And they’re all within easy reach of Delray Station!

Anuttara Yoga

Located less than 3 miles from Delray Station, Anuttara Yoga is warm and peaceful sanctuary where you can recharge your body, mind and spirit. The unique style of Anuttara Yoga is based on proper alignment and anatomically logical and progressive sequencing. For deep cleansing and relaxation, the studio is usually kept between 93 and 95 degrees. Anuttara offers two basic modalities – Hatha Yoga, which focuses on developing strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration, plus their unique Anuttara Raja Yoga. The studio offers classes at various times throughout the day for all levels of yogis, from beginner to advanced, offered at $18 per class. If this studio is really up your alley, you can even train to become a yoga teacher here.

Bamboo Garden Yoga

Bamboo Garden Yoga offers 12 different yoga classes, including the increasingly popular Aerial Yoga. In an Aerial Yoga class, you perform many of the same poses you do on a yoga mat, except you do it in the air using a strong silk hammock that's suspended from the ceiling. You use it as a prop to support you through the various flows. Using the hammock helps improve flexibility and build strength. Best of all, it helps you perform more challenging poses without added pressure on your shoulders, spine, or head. Besides Aerial Yoga, Bamboo Garden offers everything from Beginner Meditation to Pilates, with classes that cater to all different skill levels. Your first class is $25, but your second class is free! You can find Bamboo Garden Yoga just 2 miles from Delray Station.


SloBody, on NE Fifth Terrace, isn’t your average yoga studio. Since its foundation in 2000, Slobody has offered four types of small group classes with a personalized approach to fitness. Classes at SloBody include sloSTRETCH, sloBURN, sloCORE, and sloFIT. They feature step-by-step instruction on proper body movement and follow four main principles – individualize your practice, strengthen your core, mind your edge, and breathe. Slobody offers multiple classes per day, Monday through Friday. And it’s less than 2 miles from Delray Station.

If you want more ideas on fun ways to loosen up and relax in Delray Beach, check out our blog.

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